Mohammed has scooted around on a makeshift skateboard his whole life because of deformed legs. His close friend Kevi Kevi has been on his board since 1989. He made the board himself and cushioned it with egg crate padding. He had blue stitches in his forehead. He was scooting along, caught an edge and face planted on a corner. It was healed over two months ago, and the stitches are ready to come out. Beck helped him into his chair. It reminded us of the Savior lifting the people in His day. Kevi Kevi said, “We have been praying for you all since we heard, and we will pray every day for you after. Thank you, thank you very much.”

Chair The Hope lifted 5 friends off the ground in Ghana Africa that day, igniting HOPE and opportunity for a better future.

Location: South Industrial Area, Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

A $150 wheelchair can change not only a life, but can change a family, a school, and a community!

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The sun rises and soon the adorable school kids appear in their uniforms and backpacks. Tonito’s mom helps him down the small cement ramp and out to the dirt and rock road to meet his amigos. Prior to receiving his wheelchair, Tonito’s mom would carry him to school and would have to stay with him the entire time to help carry him from class to class.

Today, I witnessed a young nine-year-old boy that is so loved by all of his classmates. He pushes from the class to the playground, to lunch, and even played basketball with all of his amigos. His teacher told me that after Tonito received his wheelchair his grades improved, his reading ability increased, and he is now a leader in his classroom. I watched throughout the day with tears in my eyes as I saw hope, love, and independence.

A $150 wheelchair can change not only a life, but can change a family, a school, and a community!

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Tommy is 5 years old and has many physical struggles that keep him from doing much on his own, that keep him from being a kid. He loves to play with his brother outside, but their family backyard was not easy to move a wheelchair around and they had to carry him in and out of the house because there were no ramps in the front or back.

Working with other local companies, Chair The Hope built a front ramp, sidewalk around the house, a nice deck out their back door with pergola for shade, a swing for Tommy and his brother, and a ramp from the deck to the sidewalk. We also painted their shed, planted new shrubbery, trimmed trees, and cleaned up their yard. Now Tommy spends time with his family playing in the yard and gardening with his parents. Watch how we changed their families lives and gave them all more independence and HOPE.

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Heidi was paralyzed during a car accident in high school and became a paraplegic. She had tremendous fear about what her future held and what she would be able to do. The fear of the unknown was almost overwhelming. With strong family support and a drive to succeed she has accomplished more before graduating high school than she could have initially dreamed. Heidi can drive, snow ski, swim, play ice hockey, ride a bike and much more by just using her upper body. She raised $4000 to purchase wheelchairs for others in need and then traveled to Mexico with Chair The Hope to personally deliver them. She attends Boise State University and is one of our first Hope Dealers.

A $150 wheelchair can change not only a life, but can change a family, a school, and a community!

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Kwesi is 21 and has been “differently-abled” since he was a child. We walked 15 minutes through a garbage dump and his extremely humble community before we found Kwesi. He crawled across the sharp rocks and dirt with a huge smile on his face to receive his wheelchair. The younger children in our group played catch with a little ball before we lifted Kwesi up into his very first wheelchair. His grandmother could not stop crying because of the joy she felt.

Location: Awutu Efutu Senya, Central, Ghana

A $150 wheelchair can change not only a life, but can change a family, a school, and a community!

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Rachel’s Accessible Truck

Rachel is a paraplegic who lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho and has been paralyzed almost 25 years. Though life has not been easy, she loves to help others and is a Special Ed teacher at an elementary school. Rachel’s old broken-down vehicle she has used for years quit working regularly and kept her from making it to work every day. With the help of Chair The Hope and Rachel’s drive for independence, we were able to raise the money to purchase a new truck with accessible equipment and she is back serving those in her community again. Rachel is one of our first Hope Dealers.

A $150 wheelchair can change not only a life, but can change a family, a school, and a community!

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Juan Luis

Juan Luis lived in Leon Mexico with his wife and two children when their life was turned upside down. As a bystander during a robbery, he was hit six times with stray bullets instantly paralyzing him throughout much of his body. Due to poor medical conditions and infection his leg was amputated after a few months. Two years later he now lives with his parents and two children, sold his home to pay medical expenses, and has been quite a burden on his family. Having a wheelchair now will help him find meaningful work to provide for his family. It has been very difficult physically and mentally, but his family now has HOPE for a brighter future.

A $150 wheelchair can change not only a life, but can change a family, a school, and a community!

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Chair The Hope donates wheelchairs to physically challenged persons in Ghana

Author: My Joy Online
Published:  30 July 2021 10:43am

GHANA, Africa — US-based Non-profit organisation, Chair The Hope, has donated 220 out of 240 wheelchairs to physically challenged persons Rotary Club has identified in Ghana.

The remaining 20 are going to a non-governmental organisation, Ghana Make A Difference (GMAD), at Gomoa Dabanyin in the Central region. 

Rotary Ghana will directly distribute the 220 to those in need.

The items cost $36,000, with Rotary Club paying about ¢50,000 for duty and other local charges.

This donation forms part of an already existing relationship between the leadership of Chair The Hope and Rotary Ghana.

Leader of the US group and motivational speaker, Nathan Ogden who has been in a wheelchair in the last 19 years after landing on his neck while snow skiing, is excited about the initiative.

The donation is expected to improve the lives of recipients who struggle to move around at home, work among perform other activities when it comes to mobility.

At a short ceremony in Tema to hand over the items, Nathan tells Joy News about 2000 wheelchairs have been distributed to beneficiaries worldwide in the last three years.

“Three years ago, our family decided to do something big to help others, so we started a non-profit organization and began taking wheelchairs to different countries where they just don’t have them,” he said.

Leading Rotary Club to receive the wheelchairs, Past District Governor, Jeffrey Afful said it feels great to have this donation taking place as it aligns with the motto of the club; service above self.

“We undertake projects that put smiles on the faces of the needy and less fortunate in society. These items will be distributed to those who need them through a stringent process,” he assured.

According to him, although the clubs requested 529 wheelchairs, they are delighted to receive 220.

He was pleased private groups, philanthropists and clubs such as Rotary are taking up roles to support government’s effort in helping the needy.

Jeffrey was quick to say helping those with special needs is a process and not an event when asked whether the country is doing enough for those in need.

Chair The Hope and Rotary Ghana believe the relationship will grow stronger to help more physically challenged through this initiative.

Source: https://www.myjoyonline.com/chair-the-hope-donates-wheelchairs-to-physically-challenged-persons/

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‘We just want people to have hope’: Meridian non-profit gives home makeover to 4-year-old boy – KTVB7

Author: Shirah Matsuzawa
Published: 10:18 PM MDT July 25, 2020
Updated: 10:19 PM MDT July 25, 2020

BOISE, Idaho — Thirty volunteers gathered on Saturday for what they call a mobility makeover to help make life a little easier for four-year-old Tommy Marshall, who has Spina Bifida and is confined to a wheelchair, and his family.

“Tommy suffered major brain injury shortly after he was born and since then he’s had nine surgeries and four life flights,” Katie Marshall, Tommy’s mom, said. 

This is why non-profit organization Chair the Hope teamed up with CBH Homes and other companies in the Treasure Valley like Lowes and Home Depot to install ramps for the family to use, a deck, a pergola and a cement path to the backyard.

RELATED: Idaho nonprofit plans virtual auction to make 4-year-old’s home wheelchair-accessible

“We are grateful to see all of the kindness that comes from connecting over someone that needs something,” Marshall said. 

Nathan Ogden is the co-founder of Chair the Hope and can relate to the daily struggles Tommy and his family battle every day. 

“COVID made us stop but disabilities haven’t stopped,” Ogden said. “I’m a quadriplegic myself and so it means a lot to me to be able to go out and be able to help others have a better quality of life.”

Two and a half years ago, Ogden’s wheelchair was stolen at a Boise State football game and that experience sparked his need to want to help others with disabilities.

“Boise came together and supported me in my time of need to try and find my wheelchair and this is a way that we can give back,” Ogden explained. “We just want people to have hope, have hope that there is something better and also hope that people care enough to come out on their Saturday and serve others.”

Saturday’s effort now serving as a life-changing experience for Tommy and his family. 

“I’m so grateful that this project is making it so his world is not one that he’s witnessing, he’s not just witnessing life going by, but he’s going to enjoy it and experience it,” Marshall said.

Chair the Hope was founded in Meridian but helps those with disabilities throughout the world by delivering wheelchairs and medical devices to them free of charge. 

Chair The Hope Tommy Home Mobility Makeover

Source: https://www.ktvb.com/article/news/local/spina-bifida-wheelchair-nonprofit-chair-the-hope-meridian-boise-cbh-homes-mobility-makeover-coronavirus/277-5a4c41fc-958b-488f-a04b-aa7cbd6a38f2

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Chair the Hope: Funding Wheelchairs Around the World

Join us Monday night for a special evening as it marks the premier of the Chair The Hope documentary. The documentary depicts the journey of the Ogden family who biked over 1000 miles through Idaho to raise money for the Wheelchairs Foundation. Proof providing the eye wear needed for just the occasion, they started route in Mt. Bachelor Oregon and ended their journey in Los Angeles California this last summer.

You can buy tickets here: http://chairthehope.org

Chair The Hope is a charity started by the Ogden family, their goal is to help inspire others to keep moving forward in light of physical, mental & emotional challenges, all the while raising $100,000 to the Wheelchair Foundation. Currently with their latest trek, they have raised over 9,000 dollars, well on their way to making their goal.  

The Wheelchair Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to creating awareness of the needs of individuals with disabilities on an international scale by providing any child, teen or adult with a wheelchair, if they cannot afford one. For these people, the Wheelchair Foundation not only provides the person with a wheelchair, this also gives the person a sense of hope and independence which is something everyone deserves. And with every pedal, every mile, the Ogden family has provided just that.

We hope to see you next Monday night, the 14th, at the Majestic theater!

Proof: https://www.iwantproof.com/blogs/news/chair-the-hope

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