It’s been two months since NBC5 News first told you about a quadriplegic father and his family bike riding 1,200 miles down the West Coast.

quadriplegic man bikes 1200 miles nathan ogden

They’ve completed the journey and are now sharing their stories.

The Ogden family has raised more than $40,000 dollars.

That means at least 280 wheelchairs for the disabled in developing countries and just because the ride is done it doesn’t mean their efforts to help are over.

“It was a really neat moment. I think to finally have all that effort and work and fear and excitement – everything bound up into one – finished,” Nathan Ogden said.

1,200 miles and 11 days later, the Ogden family had finally made it to their personal finish line – the Santa Monica pier.

“You have to realize that no matter how small we may feel, we can do great things and that’s what we were doing… we were trying to push to do something bigger than ourselves,” Ogden said.

Nathan Ogden is a quadriplegic but he and his family decided to make the trek in a relay-style to “Chair the Hope”.

The family is raising money to provide wheelchairs for disabled people in developing countries.

“They can have the opportunity to choose what they wanna do each day,” Ogden said.

Throughout the 11 days of riding, Ogden says the most challenging part was making sure everyone remained positive and healthy.

For the most part he says the trip was a success.

“My wife hurt her wrist, but other than that we didn’t have any injuries. We were pretty blessed that nobody went down with a major problem,” Ogden said.

He says he’ll never forget the sights he saw from Crater Lake to the Redwoods to riding along the ocean.

While he’s holding onto those memories, he’s certain they’re not done yet.

In fact, the family is visiting Mexico in the spring to hand out wheelchairs in person.

“As a family we get to go down and physically help people into these chairs and see how their lives are changed and to me… that’s the icing on the cake. That’s everything coming around full circle and I can’t wait for that,” Ogden said.

A documentary about the Ogden family’s journey a comes out in a month.

Proceeds from that will also benefit the cause.

The Ogden’s are still hoping to raise $100,000 dollars.

If you’d like to donate, visit