What Is A Hope Dealer?

At Chair The Hope, our community members, known affectionately as Hope Dealers, embody the essence of service, extending hope to individuals of all abilities. Through regular contributions, active involvement in local and global projects, and a commitment to uplifting communities, our Hope Dealers strive to make a tangible impact on lives. By fostering inclusivity and embracing diversity, we collectively aim to create a brighter future for all, where every individual is empowered to thrive.


It’s more than just a wheelchair…

Our family has first hand experience in knowing how a wheelchair impacts the daily lives of those who need it and also the loved ones of that individual. The freedom that the wheelchair brings is just as much for the recipient as it is for their caregivers. Our family knows what it feels like to be either served daily or to be the one offering that service every day. Everyone should be able to go to school, to work, attend church or visit the local market down the street. Everyone deserves to move and find their independence.

There are so many beautiful examples of strength that we’ve met over the years, but Evan and Tonito are both something special. They have both taken their new chairs and given themselves a new way of life. We invite you to read their heartwarming stories below.



19-year-old Evan broke his neck his senior year of high school and a wheelchair is making a positive impact on his life by enabling him to stay mobile.

He has been able to travel with his family for a Chair the Hope wheelchair distribution, and experienced a lot of fun! He has learned more about hope and has even been able to inspire others by his presence.



Prior to receiving his wheelchair, Tonito’s mom would carry him to school and stayed the entire time to help carry him from class to class.

This young nine year old boy is so loved by all of his classmates. His teacher told us that after Tonito received his wheelchair his grades improved, his reading ability increased, and he is now a leader in his classroom.

Please join the Chair The Hope family today so we can help others find their purpose again, through hope and mobility.