Chair The Hope Local Projects:
What Are They And How Can I Help?

Chair The Hope Local Projects are special endeavors within our home communities. They are true opportunities to spread hope and to make the world around us a better place for those in our community who depend on a wheelchair for mobility. We share their stories and journeys with you to spread the light that they shine.

To contribute to or share these messages of hope and inclusion, please get involved via the links on this page. Our local businesses have also come together to help raise funds and also match contributions donated!

Featured Project #1: School Raising $65,000 for Teacher with Multiple Sclerosis

A Chair The Hope Local Project

Legacy Leadership Academy is raising money for their history teacher who has multiple sclerosis, a disease that is taking his mobility. Mr. Heid struggles to move the left side of his body, making it difficult to go anywhere without help. A wheelchair accessible vehicle will change that. We want to give him more mobility and freedom so he can continue to inspire us students. We have a goal of $65,000 to bring hope and independence to Mr. Heid and his family. HOPE we are providing:

  • Wheelchair accessible vehicle
  • Adjustable, pressure relief bed for pain management
  • A new battery for electric wheelchair
  • Ramps for home

Legacy Academy is partnering with Chair The Hope. We need your help to reach Legacy Academy’s Goal!!

Please support our Legacy of Hope by donating generously. Your contribution is tax-deductible and will greatly improve Mr. Heid and his family’s life. 501(c)(3) #82-4836876

With much gratitude,
Students at Legacy Leadership Academy

Featured Project #2: Give Violet Independence and Mobility

A Chair The Hope Local Project

Violet is a strong little girl who has TBCK, a rare genetic disorder that affects her brain and motor-neuro pathways. She is a TBCK warrior and needs help. Her mobility makeover will help her and her family transfer her safely from the car into their home as well as make their home more handicap accessible.

Featured Project #3: Tyler’s Mobility Movement

A Chair The Hope Local Project

Tyler Boyle is a very special 21-year-old giving back to others who can’t walk. He was born with a very rare blood disorder, has had hundreds of blood transfusions, and the medication that saved his life gave him cerebral palsy. Despite navigating life in a wheelchair, he wants to keep progressing and give back. Tyler teamed up with the nonprofit Chair The Hope to raise $10,000 to give other individuals the opportunity to gain greater mobility, independence and HOPE.

Tyler’s goal is to push a 1 ½ mile uphill loop in his neighborhood 250 times and finishes Saturday. That equates to 375 miles! Chair The Hope’s cofounder Nathan Ogden, who is a quadriplegic, will be donating his handcycle bike to Tyler as a reward for accomplishing his goal. Chair The Hope is a nonprofit founded in Idaho that takes wheelchairs around the world to impoverished countries, and most recently has started “Mobility Makeovers” within the US. Making homes more accessible for people with ambulatory challenges by building ramps, decks, cement walkways, and more, to those with DIFFERENT ABILITIES.

Featured Project: The Marshall Mobility Makeover

A Chair The Hope Local Project

Tommy is an amazing four-year-old little boy that was born with Spina Bifida. He was born at 30 weeks gestation, has endured 8 surgeries, four life-flights, and one life-threatening brain injury. He is a beautiful life miracle and Chair The Hope wants to help him to be able to experience life at home at a more fulfilling level. 

Chair The Hope Tommy Marshall Mobility Makeover
Marshall Family

Tommy cannot walk, crawl, climb, and talk like regular kids his age. He enjoys the mobility provided by his wheelchair and parental pushing power. He craves affection, outdoor time with his family, and new experiences. 

Tommy’s family has done everything they can to make the space accessible and enjoyable for him. Handiness and cleverness are two tools constantly embraced in his service. While he certainly does his best to be involved with family activities, some places around his home could use a transformation for better access and experiencing life fuller. 

Wylie and Tommy

Here are a few ideas:

  • Front porch ramp 
  • Back yard/side yard concrete path 
  • Back porch deck/ramp
  • Shade Provisions 
  • Swing

We are excited about this project and want to collaborate with a few partners and make these dreams become reality.  Please contact me if you have any additional questions. We are hoping to start this project in July and are already doing the leg-work to get the ball rolling.

Much Gratitude,
Heather Ogden
Chair The Hope
Executive Director

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors

CBH Homes

More Local Community Giveback Projects

Calvin Transtrum

Calvin Transtrum received a wike, which is also known as bike trailer or jogger to allow him to go on walks, bike rides, and other daily adventures with his family.

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams received a new truck and equipment so she could go to work and replace her old truck that was breaking down. She is a valued tutor at the elementary school where she teaches reading and mathematics.

Jeremy Wann

Jeremy Wann received an accessible van and hand controls so that he could get around.

Heidi Pearson

Heidi Pearson was injured in 2019 and lost mobility in her legs, right before her senior year of high school. Through Chair The Hope, she is now helping give back to others with mobility needs by raising almost $4,000. Watch her amazing story below.