Sena, our tour guide, asked his sister if she knew anyone who needed a wheelchair and she thought of Noah Mason down the street. Noah had been sick and went to the hospital for help. The story goes that the doctor gave him the wrong medicine that caused his legs to shrivel. He had been without the use of them ever since. His daughter had been taking care of him and he had been living in a small hut without the ability to get around except by using two wooden crutches. Chair the Hope assisted him today to change that! You can only imagine what life was like before 4pm today. Now he can get around and his daughters load can be lifted. He was so happy he couldn’t stop crying. Nate encouraged him to come out of his shell now and do good in his community. We encouraged the neighbors and children to treat Noah kindly because he is special. When we took this picture the group said, “1, 2, 3, WE -LOVE YOU NOAH!!”)

Location: La Road, Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

A $150 wheelchair can change not only a life, but can change a family, a school, and a community!