Quadriplegic man biking 1,200 miles to “Chair the Hope”

Prospect, Ore. — A quadriplegic father and his family are bike riding 1,200 miles down the west coast to bring hope and wheelchairs to the world.

quadriplegic man biking 1200 miles nathan ogden

Monday night the family stopped in Stewart State Park.

“Our bodies will be sore but our minds will be ready because we’re doing it for the right reason,” said Nathan Ogden, who plans on biking 1,200 miles in only 12 days. He and his family are trying to “Chair the Hope”.

It’s an idea Nathan’s wife thought of as a way to spread their positivity and determination after Nathan broke his neck twice, paralyzing him.

“I lost my hands, my triceps, and everything from the chest down and I haven’t regained any of that,” Nathan said.

Nathan Ogden is a quadriplegic, but that hasn’t stopped him from living his life. Now he wants to help others like him, by raising $100,000 dollars to provide wheelchairs for disabled people in developing countries.

“We want them to go out and live life, to go play with their friends, to go to work and provide for your family. To do whatever it is that you want to do and have that choice instead of sitting in a room on a dirt floor and not be able to be a part of life,” Nathan said.

The Ogden family’s journey, which started at Mount Bachelor and will end in Los Angeles, follows along with Nathan’s motto: to live life unfrozen.

“It’s moving on, it’s trying something new, it’s pushing yourself outside of that comfort zone,” Nathan said.

But Nathan wants to make it clear that he isn’t riding the 1,200 miles all by himself. His family is completing the journey in a relay style, with each member of the family traveling a certain number of miles every day.

“That’s kind of how life is, you don’t get anywhere by yourself,” Nathan explained. “You need help and you need a good support system and that’s what gets you there.”

If you’d like to donate toward the cause, you can visit http://nathanogden.com/ or http://chairthehope.com/

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