Quadriplegic Slingshot Fundraiser

Nathan Ogden was on vacation with his family in Daytona Beach FL when he decided to do something crazy as a quadriplegic to help others. He posted on social media that if he could raise $600 in the next 24 hrs for the nonprofit Chair The Hope, he would do the Sling Shot amusement ride. What is involved in the Sling Shot? Two people are strapped in and shot 365 feet straight up in the air, like a slingshot, at 100 mph experiencing 5Gs. Probably something not many quadriplegics do. Chair The Hope gives out wheelchairs throughout the world for only $150. That’s four families lives that will be completely changed in a one minute ride. You can see the fear and excitement in Nathan and his son Kyler’s faces as they are propelled into the Florida sky with a storm coming in that made their landing a little interesting. This is a must watch video!

A $150 wheelchair can change not only a life, but can change a family, a school, and a community!