Taking Care of His Family

Today brings our next adventure in León Mexico. We are visiting the workplace of Victor and his family.

Victor has a condition that his body does not produce calcium and so he is losing his ability to use his extremities. He has lost 5 inches in height and will continue to have his spine and bones in his legs curve. Within the last few months he received a wheelchair from Chair The Hope so that he can continue to make insoles for shoes and help make money for his family.

Areceli is Victor’s wife and she runs the little tienda (store) that is attached to workshop. They sell clothes that their extended family gives them to help support them as well. I can see that there is a lot of pride in the craftsmanship of each insole that Victor creates, but more satisfaction knowing that because he has a wheelchair he is still able to provide for his two daughters, Italia and Valaria Michelle, and for his son Juan Carlos.

One wheelchair provides more than mobility, it provides a way to financially take care of a family.

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Chuyita lives in an area where you do not leave a parked car outside without someone watching it as theft is a problem. The walk is only 10 minutes but we are avoiding huge potholes, large rocks, sewer streams, and motorcycles.

Nathan and I sat on either side of Chuyita with her mother sitting next to me. The church is open to the outside with a roof, so an occasional dog walks between the benched and catches a few pets from the children. Nate holds her hand throughout most of the service and I caught him blowing air into his cheeks to make her giggle.

This wheelchair allows the Lopez family to worship together. Religion is a special part of our family’s life. I couldn’t image not being able to have one of my children attend church with us because carrying them was too challenging. I am grateful and honored to witness the pure love of a mother and her passion to teach her daughter that God is an important part of her life.

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School for Tonito

The sun rises and soon the adorable school kids appear in their uniforms and backpacks. Tonito’s mom helps him down the small cement ramp and out to the dirt and rock road to meet his amigos. Prior to receiving his wheelchair, Tonito’s mom would carry him to school and would have to stay the entire time to help carry him from class to class.

Today I witnessed a young nine year old boy that is so loved by all of his classmates. He pushes from the class to the playground, to lunch, and even played basketball with all of his amigos. His teacher told me that after Tonito received his wheelchair his grades improved, his reading ability increased, and he is now a leader in his classroom.


I watched throughout the day with tears in my eyes as I saw hope, love, and independence.

I challenge you to find the little things in life that can make a difference.

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The Impact of a Wheelchair: New Life for Maria

After visiting with a sweet lady named Maria and her caring daughter for a while, a couple of
members from the Rotary Club arrived with her new wheelchair. Maria and her daughter both
smiled with excitement and then Maria started to cry. I wondered what her life and the life of her
daughter must have been like without the assistance of a wheelchair, without the ability to freely
move around the house and to leave her home whenever she wanted to go outside for some fresh

After we helped Maria into her new wheelchair she smiled and cried again, and then gave us a
big hug thanking us the entire time. Witnessing the impact this one wheelchair had for Maria
made me reflect on how many other people are out there who desperately need the blessing of
mobility but because of their circumstances are unable to afford or acquire one. That was only
one of many touching experiences delivering wheelchairs that reminds me never to take for
granted my ability to walk, and it moves me to do what I can in order to help those who can’t.

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First Time Feeling The Ocean

“I appreciate your help which has made many people happy like my mom.”

Rosa had never experienced feeling the ocean water at the beach. With the help of her new wheelchair and ecstatic family, she was able to for the first time in her entire life.

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