Chuyita lives in an area where you do not leave a parked car outside without someone watching it as theft is a problem. The walk is only 10 minutes but we are avoiding huge potholes, large rocks, sewer streams, and motorcycles.

Nathan and I sat on either side of Chuyita with her mother sitting next to me. The church is open to the outside with a roof, so an occasional dog walks between the benched and catches a few pets from the children. Nate holds her hand throughout most of the service and I caught him blowing air into his cheeks to make her giggle.

This wheelchair allows the Lopez family to worship together. Religion is a special part of our family’s life. I couldn’t image not being able to have one of my children attend church with us because carrying them was too challenging. I am grateful and honored to witness the pure love of a mother and her passion to teach her daughter that God is an important part of her life.