Taking Care of His Family

Today brings our next adventure in León Mexico. We are visiting the workplace of Victor and his family.

Victor has a condition that his body does not produce calcium and so he is losing his ability to use his extremities. He has lost 5 inches in height and will continue to have his spine and bones in his legs curve. Within the last few months he received a wheelchair from Chair The Hope so that he can continue to make insoles for shoes and help make money for his family.

Areceli is Victor’s wife and she runs the little tienda (store) that is attached to workshop. They sell clothes that their extended family gives them to help support them as well. I can see that there is a lot of pride in the craftsmanship of each insole that Victor creates, but more satisfaction knowing that because he has a wheelchair he is still able to provide for his two daughters, Italia and Valaria Michelle, and for his son Juan Carlos.

One wheelchair provides more than mobility, it provides a way to financially take care of a family.