Tug is a 6-year-old boy who was born with multiple health conditions. Two of them are that he is in a wheelchair and mostly blind. Tug loves to play outside with his older brother but their backyard isn’t completed and too dangerous to let him push around on his own without being able to see. This didn’t allow his mother the opportunity to let the boys play without her being out there to protect him, limiting her independence as well as Tug’s. 

Working with other local companies, Chair The Hope transformed their backyard into a safe environment with no bumps and a sidewalk around the house for better accessibility. They put in AstroTurf, built a playhouse for both the boys, added backyard fun activities, and patio furniture for the whole family to enjoy. Tug was so excited for the fun things to do and most importantly that he could get around all by himself. Tug is a true Hope Dealer.

A $150 wheelchair can change not only a life, but can change a family, a school, and a community!