Local Man Raising $10,000 for Others By Pushing His Wheelchair 375 Miles

Tyler’s Mobility Movement Celebration and Fundraiser

Tyler Boyle is a very special 21-year-old giving back to others who can’t walk. He was born with a very rare blood disorder, has had hundreds of blood transfusions, and the medication that saved his life gave him cerebral palsy. Despite navigating life in a wheelchair, he wants to keep progressing and give back. Tyler teamed up with the nonprofit Chair The Hope to raise $10,000 to give other individuals the opportunity to gain greater mobility, independence and HOPE.

Tyler’s goal is to push a 1 ½ mile uphill loop in his neighborhood 250 times and finishes Saturday. That equates to 375 miles! Chair The Hope’s cofounder Nathan Ogden, who is a quadriplegic, will be donating his handcycle bike to Tyler as a reward for accomplishing his goal. Chair The Hope is a nonprofit founded in Idaho that takes wheelchairs around the world to impoverished countries, and most recently has started “Mobility Makeovers” within the US. Making homes more accessible for people with ambulatory challenges by building ramps, decks, cement walkways, and more, to those with DIFFERENT ABILITIES.


To contribute to Tyler’s Mobility Movement” donate at:

  • ChairTheHope.org
  • Venmo @chairthehope

All donations are tax deductible and the money will go to “Mobility Makeovers”

Thank You!!

On August 29th at 9:00AM MST the entire community came out to show support for Tyler’s cause by walking the last 1½ miles of 375 miles with him for his Mobility Movement Celebration and Fundraiser.

We are still accepting donations for Tyler’s Mobility Movement and welcome anyone who is interested in supporting to reach out to us! (208) 761-2770

501(c)(3) # 82-4836876 – ChairTheHope.org