Wheelchair Distribution

This is one of our most inspired and emotionally satisfying undertakings. Chair The Hope schedules delivery trips to various countries in order to deliver hundreds of wheelchairs to those in need. There are over 100 million children, teens and adults worldwide in need of a wheelchair. However, they sadly cannot afford one. Some international organizations believe that the number could be as high as 6% of the population of developing countries. Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bosnia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, and Mozambique have extremely high physical disability rates. For these people, Chair The Hope delivers Hope, Mobility, and Independence.

In March 2018, Chair The Hope personally delivered 400 wheelchairs in Mexico after devastating earthquakes. In March 2019, Chair The Hope delivered 100 wheelchairs in Costa Rica. We have distributed thousands of wheelchairs around the world and counting.

These wheelchair distribution trips include:

  • Raising funding required to support either a small container load or a full container load
  • Scheduling manufacturing and delivery of wheelchairs to the specific destination site
  • Organizing host country personnel to receive wheelchairs and coordinate recipients
  • Manage all travel requirements for trip participants, including film production crew, when applicable
  • Coordinate any public relations for delivery trip
  • Personally deliver wheelchairs to each selected recipient

Fund Raising

As a non-profit organization, Chair The Hope depends on the generosity and financial contributions of those aligned to our cause to fund all of our costs – both operational and in support of our clientele. We welcome charitable contributions, offering appropriate tax benefits to those willing to contribute.

We also encourage interested parties to either conduct fund raising activities and/or events to assist in raising funds on behalf of Chair The Hope.